According to the relevant regulations of the measures for the administration of private investment fund raising behavior: "private fund managers and private fund sales agencies shall not raise funds from units and individuals other than qualified investors, and shall not disseminate media or lectures, reports, analysis meetings and notices, flyers, mobile phone messages, wechat, blogs and E-mail and other means, to promote to non-specific objects. "
Delinford will only promote the relevant private investment fund products to specific qualified investors in accordance with the provisions of the measures for the administration of private investment fund raising.
If you intend to invest in private investment funds and meet the requirements of "compliant investors" in the measures for the administration of private investment fund raising behavior, that is, you have the corresponding risk identification ability and risk bearing ability, the amount of investment in a single private fund is not less than 1 million yuan, and the personal financial assets are not less than 3 million yuan, or the average annual income of individuals in the past three years is not less than 50 million yuan Ten thousand yuan. Please read this tip in detail and register as a specific compliance investor of delinford before you can obtain the product promotion service of delinford private investment fund.



National IP & SGCI 4T is a Sino-foreign joint PE institution, Filing No. in China Securities Fund Association: P1070508,Company focusing on value investment in the global high-tech field. The investment phase spans the early, middle and late stages. And the invested industry covers new energy, new materials, green energy, medical science, artificial intelligence and medicine and other industries. The overseas shareholder of our company is a senior European investment bank, involving a lot of resources to invest in domestic and overseas capital markets for more than 20 years. The leading listed financing, mergers and acquisitions and other projects are about 80 cases. Among them, there are 13 companies listed on the stock exchanges, 37 companies have partially withdrawn. And the investment markets are all over Europe, America and Africa.At present, the investment management amount has reached 20 billion RMB.

National IP&SGCI 4T has a professional investment and research team at domestic and abroad to provide comprehensive business support for enterprises, including SME financing services (Pre-IPO PE / VC investment), overseas listing financing services, listed company financing services (directed issuance, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring etc.), market value maintenance, etc. Assist companies to solve various adversities and problems in the capital markets.

  • 20 years

    More than 20 years of deep cultivation of domestic and foreign capital markets
  • 80 cases

    Participated in over 80 investment projects
  • 50 companies

    Thirteen are listed on the stock exchange, and 37 have partially withdrawn


Institutional strategic cooperation

    The objective of Metranaco Limited, a Hong Kong registered Company, is to serve the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycles. Metranaco Limited in Hong Kong has clients, advisors and consultants around the globe.

  • Energy Solutions

    Energy Solutions is the leading global supplier of innovative decision support software and services that enhance and integrate operational efficiency, commercial profitability and safety across pipelines as well as the energy transportation, storage, marketing and delivery functions.

  • Emerging Capital funding

    Emerging Capital funding was founded to help CEO’s Pastors, Leaders, and Administrators finance their God-given vision and building needs for the future. Our team with over 30-years of experience in Capital Fund-raising, Church Development, and Pastoral leadership our team is uniquely qualified to work with the special needs of businesses, churches, ministries, and schools.


    EDTRIN is a delivery and marketing platform for demand side education, training and innovation development. EDTRIN is developing an integrated physical / digital education ecosystem designed to assist lifelong personal advancement for individuals through timely, personally relevant educational resources and ongoing career management.

  • Biomax Rubber Industries

    Biomax Rubber Industries SDN BHD (“BRI”) was established in 2010, and is a well organized and a profit making company with main business in medical/examination (“ME”) glove manufacturing in Malaysia. BRI is well recognised in manufacturing and trading of premium non-sterile latex ME gloves, pre-powdered, polymer coated and trades chlorinated powder free gloves for the healthcare industry.


    Beloni group is the first international company listed on the national stock exchange of Australia (NSX) and recommended by NSX to go to the OTC QX market in the United States. The core business of the group mainly focuses on new drug development and clinical, immunocytotherapy research, virus and detection, Internet-based B2C large health product e-commerce new retail platform and medical big data platform, etc. it is an international group enterprise integrating R & D, production and marketing.


    Anchor capital investment was established as an investment company to create a market-high return for the company and its shareholders. The company’s main investment focus is to launch medium-sized companies, especially in China, emerging markets in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.


    MONT BLANC COMPOSITE is specialized in composite parts manufacturing for the automotive industry , trucks and buses.

  • Vasseti

    Vasseti (UK) Plc ("Vasseti") is a large and diversified integrated company based in Colombo. It is an investment holding company with commercial interests in the fields of network telecommunications, information technology and real estate.



  • mecelec





Company business
  • PE/VC、Pre-IPO

    Equity investment (PE VC, Pre-IPO) business is mainly to provide investment and financing business support for pre-IPO enterprises, including investment and financing services for small and medium-sized enterprises (PE VC), investment and financing business for mature enterprises (Pre-IPO) and angel investment in the initial stage

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  • Overseas listing service

    Overseas listing service is to help companies, which interested in listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, NYSE Euronext, London Stock Exchange and North American Stock Exchange (including NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC, etc ), successfully listed The company s overseas team has provided services to more than 400 enterprises with abundant experience in overseas capital market, of which more than 230 have completed listing financing

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Company news

Dingzhou Rural Revitalization Fair



Illegal fund-raising is a deep way to prevent smart tricks from taking away and illegal securities and futures Publicity Month



Chongde Cable Co. Works With SGCI For a Listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange



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